Professional Work

>>Flowmap Generator
Flowmap Generator is a Unity plugin and stand alone application that lets you create flowmaps using a fluid simulation.
Flowmap Genrator

>>Battlefield 3
Dice/EA – X360/PS3/PC – Released October 2011
Position: Level Artist
I worked on the single player part of the game, on three levels: Comrades, Night Shift, and Kaffarov. I was part of the whole development cycle for these levels, through whiteboxing, main production, to final bug fixing and optimizing. I also worked on optimizing and bug fixing for a number of the other single player levels at the end of production.

>>Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Dice/Criterion/EA – X360/PS3/PC – Released November 2010
Position: Level Artist
I created terrains for 4 tracks, including modeling and texturing.  I also did level art and bug fixing on a number of other tracks.

>>Battlefield Heroes
Dice/EAsy – PC – Updates Released January 2010 and April 2010
Position: Level Artist
I converted 3 maps to a night setting, doing lighting, painting skyboxes, and effects. I did level art and lighting on another, creating a terrain and a V2 rocket.

>>Bionic Commando
GRIN/Capcom – X360/PS3/PC – Released May 2009
Position: Environment Artist
Modelling and texturing environment units, with a focus on larger world units.

>>Unpublished work
Position: Environment Artist
Modelled, texturing, and lighting.

Personal Work

Team Fortress 2 Map – Arena Coalmine
A small arena mode map for Valve’s Team Fortress 2. I focused on gameplay, only making a few custom props, the stove and log walls for the cabins. Download here: