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New Tutorial

Gamla Stan Storm

I’ve added a new tutorial about how I made the volumetric lighting in my factory map. Read it here.

I also think that I will keep adding a photo with each post, even if it has nothing to do with it. Check out my flickr page if you’d like to see more of my photography.


Finished Factory

Well, I guess I didn’t update this very much.  If you want to see some more progress pictures, check this thread out:

I finished it sometime in the end of January.  For some more pictures, some info, and a video of it, check out this page:



Quick Update

I haven’t done a whole lot more, just chugging away on the textures for some props. Some of them still obviously need touching up, but I think overall it’s moving in the right direction. So far all the props are on one 1024 sheet.



Hmm, this isn’t getting updated too often.  I’ve pretty much finished the models and I am now moving on to the texturing.  For the world textures I’m making them 1024×1024 and tiling them on the same scale as the 512′s are, so that it will repeat less.

Texture1 Texture2


Getting into the game

I spent most of today getting models into a form that can be used by the game editor I’m using, Hammer. This is a bit of a frustrating process right now, which involves exporting from Maya, editing a text file, then running some command line stuff. Not too fun.

Once my models were in the map I noticed that they were not being lit correctly when in sunlight. I was getting things like black models in bright sun, lit models in dark corners, and models being lit from the wrong direction. Thinking that it might have something to do with the way they were being exported from Maya, I tried using the XSI mod tool which has a add-on specifically for HL2. I got the same results from there. Then I added some point lights and found that the models were lit correctly with that. This was rather disappointing as I wanted to have the map lit only by exterior light, as it was an abandoned factory. I tried some setups with spotlights coming through the windows, but that didn’t look too good. I then tried with texture lights. That worked like a charm :)

Here is the result of today’s labours, with colour correction in HL2 itself, using the great colour correction tools in HL2.

Factory1 Factory2 Factory3 Factory4


Game Level: Day 2 and then some

Well, as usual, I never update these sort of things very often.

I did a bit more messing around with the layout, and came to the conclusion that if I want to get this thing done before the end of December, I need to cut down the workload. So I’ve decided to just start with two rooms and put that in my reel before I move on to the rest of the level. Here are the layouts of the rooms.

The first one still needs something. I’m going to be adding some vertical pipes near the middle, so light coming in from the windows will cast some nice shadows. This will be a sort of office and workshop area, with some machinery sitting on the raised bits. There will be a bathroom through that door.

The second room is for storage. I’m going to have some boxes and some machinery parts in there. On the left I’m thinking of having some sort of lifting system, to the other floors. A big hole in the floor leading to darkness with chains going down would be nice I think :)


Here is some of the props I’ve made in the past day or two. The total for all of them is 4473, but there are several objects in twice. Baking the normal map for the jacket was giving me quite a bit of grief, so any additional detail will be painted in I think. I still need to do the inside of the hard hat, and maybe optimize that a bit more. I’m not sure what would be a good budget for the whole scene yet, so I’ll just go along and see what happens. I’ll check what Half-Life 2′s average poly count per scene is, and maybe aim a little bit higher than that. I’m also thinking of possibly having a 1024 texture for the standard world texture size, rather than HL2′s 512.



The diary of a game level: Day 1

Well, after searching around for a blog about making a game level and not finding anything, I decided I should start one. And what a coincidence, I’m just starting to make a game level! This is as a result of not being able to make much progress on my previous game level, and needing to get a demo reel together.

The biggest problem that I was running into on my previous attempt was the fact that I was always unhappy with the basic layout of the whole thing, and I would constantly rearrange things, without getting too much work done on the props and textures. This time I think I’ve got a fairly good idea for a layout, and this will not be a full map to start off with, I need a demo reel soon!

The layout:

This was my biggest stumbling block before, so this time I’m putting more thought into it. First I did some browsing around on Abandoned for some inspiration. The previous one I was trying was a prison, and I wanted to reuse some of the props, so I decided on a factory type thing. I made a few scribbles on paper and came up with this so far:

Overview Eating Area 1 Basement 1 Hallway