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Settling In

Well, I’ve been in Sweden for a while now, so I had better write something about it.

The trip over had a bit of a rough start. I first noticed something was odd when the plane had taxied around in a complete circle and came back to the gate. It turned out that someone was having heart problems, and had to be taken off the plane. This caused me to miss my connecting flight in Toronto to Ottawa, and my bag was delayed. I got the work permit and went back to the hotel for the evening. The next day I did some sightseeing, including Parliament Hill, the Canadian War Museum, and other places in downtown Ottawa. It’s quite a nice city, lots of green space and interesting architecture. You can see some pics here.

After that it was off to Stockholm through Heathrow, which went off without a hitch.

I’ve been living at a temporary apartment for the past few weeks. It’s one that the company has for people who are just arriving. For the first week I had some people from Spain staying with me. It was quite nice to have some people to hang out with and help me get acquainted with the area. One interesting thing from the first few days was a restaurant that included garlic in every item on the menu, even the beer! I didn’t have any of that, but someone who did found it quite disgusting.

I’ve managed to get an apartment lined up starting on August 1st. It’s still in Södermalm, and right near a metro station. It has quite high ceilings, something like 3.5m, as well as a TV and DVD player, and all the utilities are included in the rent, including internet. I can’t wait to move into it.

Work has been going great, making games is so much more fun than TV commercials. I can now use the skills that I have in the way that I really enjoy using them. It’s also really nice to work with a bunch of people that share my interests and creative passions.  It’s also really quite nice that my boss actually has a clue of what I do now, and how long these sort of things actually take (there is no “make good now” button).

The weather has been cooler, and with more rain than back home in Saskatoon, I’ve heard that it was getting up to 32 there, and it’s somewhere around 20 every day here.  It’s quite nice living in a larger city, there is a much greater variety of things here, and the metro system is quite nice, it only takes a couple minutes to get to work from the station near where I live.  The old town, Gamla Stan, is a very nice area.  It has a bunch of narrow, winding streets, some only 2 meters wide.  It is also where the palace and parliament buildings are located.

I’m going to try keeping this updated more often, as there is always something going on with me. I’ll have to write up my list of odd people I’ve seen around town, it’s getting quite extensive…