Website redesign and such

Well, that was quite a while without an update… I just recently got the urge to rearrange the site a bit, pushing the portfolio to the front and adding some stuff from Bionic Commando.

I don’t have any new work to show, as all my 3D efforts have been going into the games at work and I try relaxing when at home. I travelled around a fair bit the past year, going to a festival in the south of Sweden, camping solo in the fjords of Norway, travelling to London and Paris with my sister, as well as going to the I ♥ Techno festival in Belgium. I spent Christmas and New Years in Stockholm with friends, so it’s been a year now since I’ve been back to Canada. I might think about visiting in the summer or something, when it’s not -45. I might also add a photo section to the website later on, to let you see what happens outside of work.

Hopefully I’ll keep this a bit better updated this year, I’ll be sure to let you all know when the games I’ve worked on are out.

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