Moderna Museet

Today I went to the Moderna Museet, the Museum of Modern Art. It is located on the island of Skeppsholmen (the ship island). I took the metro to Gamla Stan and walked the rest of the way. There was a bunch of people fishing, which is still surprising to see in the middle of a large city.

I started off with a photography exhibit which I didn’t care for much. On the whole it just consisted of random snapshots. Following that was an exhibit of paintings from roughly 1910 to 1945 done by Swedish artists. This was also fairly uninspiring. Things really picked up when I moved onto the other part of the gallery, into the more eccentric pieces. One really nice piece was a 5 meter long metal 6 sided cylinder hanging from the ceiling. It was open on one end and tapered towards the closed end. It had mirrors on the inside surfaces with the small end being lit up. When you looked into it, it gave the illusion of seeing a large sphere made of glowing, hexagonal pieces.

In another room there was a 6 meter long glass tube on the floor, with two wires running along inside it. An electric flame was sent between the wires along the length of the tube. When the flame reached the end, another was generated. It gave off a nice high voltage buzzing sound.

After that I went to the Architecture museum which was in the same building. It was just one large room with a bunch of scale models of buildings around Sweden, nothing too interesting. I then had lunch at the restaurant there, looking out over the water. The island connects to Kastellholmen, a small hilly island with a small castle built on it. Just around the corner of one of the buildings there was someone taking a crap…in full view of anyone walking along the path.

I then started walking back to downtown, and started seeing a couple people in running outfits. A few had numbers on their shirts. Then more and more were appearing, going in all sorts of directions. It seemed to be the most disorganized marathon ever. When I reached Kungsträdgården there were thousands of them. All the traffic lights in this area were blinking yellow, so there was a large traffic jam, with a huge mass of people in running outfits weaving in and out of the cars.

I was then headed up towards Sergelstorg when I came across what appeared to be a rally for emo kids. Right across the street from them, on my side, was a man taking a pee in a flower bed….at 4pm, in the middle of downtown Stockholm, with people all around. My god…..

I figured I had enough insanity for one day and decided to head home. I’ll get some photos sorted out and upload them tomorrow.